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안녕 하세요! ^__^.......This page is with all random stuff that i find around internet, with my work, about k-pop, fashion everything which we face everyday life =)
Also about korean underground rappers, hunters, ullzang people, and what photographs i found pleasant or a touch of artistic.
Yet also some videos i find interesting, movie reviews that are very well written and explicated, as the domain i study is a video/sound editor so i am in the film domain trough i am a beginner.
I hope you will find my page interesting.
Also i am the leader of the band Radical G.NO we are new starters we have some lyrics written down yet we pay more attention to our studies now and for the moment we just do dance covers.

Radical G.NO Official Twitter
Radical G.NO Official website
Radical G.NO Facebook page
Radical G.NO Youtube Channel

Lunafly cover Payphone by Maroon5! Yun really has a great voice but to be honest but all of them have! I say it’s worth any peny to go at their concert guys so don’t miss their future concerts!! @cartersamsc @teo931207 #lunaflytour #romania #kpop_concert #kpop #maroon5 #payphone #greatvoice #amazing #awesome #fun #happy #was_the_best #yun #korean #korean_band

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